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I think I have a cold. Stuffy head, stuffy nose, body aches, mild sore throat. It's either a cold, or it's impressive Pool Ick.

Just took a bath with eucalyptus and took a bunch of meds for the cold symptoms. That should help some.
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I think I'm getting into the swing of near-daily exercise. This has been a goal of mine for a long time.

Sunday morning is an ideal time to hit my new gym! There were hardly any people there, and I had the pool to myself for the majority of my 30-minute workout. (The sauna too.) I think 30 minutes is too intense for me, though. I need to keep it to 20 minutes until I build up some endurance.

Now I'm sipping decaf in the coffeeshop across the street from the gym, stealing wireless net, and putting off going home for a bit.

ooOOoo. Exciting...
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Don't you love my icon? You know you do.

Yesterday I complained at my physical therapist. I've gotten shoddy service from these folks---I have trouble getting appointments, and when I do get them, they often don't do much of anything. They keep switching me around from therapist to therapist, and I don't think notes are enough to keep the consistency. Anyway, yesterday's treatment accomplished something, for sure--I was in lots of pain afterwards, but it was DIFFERENT pain! And I spent much of afternoon/evening icing and heating my back. They're paying attention now. Maybe I won't have to fire them!

In other news, I exchanged my Y membership for a much cheaper one at the rec center. They have a sauna. So I've been going there every day. I take a 20 minute swim (or less), and then I take a sauna bath to raise my core temperature. This takes care of my random aches and pains, so that I only have my back to deal with. And since I have a lot of appointments in the same town as the center, I'm saving gas. And look! I'm exercising even though my body hurts like hell! Isn't that fantastic?
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I did place an order for beeswax and a few other items from my skincare vendor website thingy. Mostly I just wanted the beeswax. My lips are really aggravating me; they're parched and feel tight and sting-y. And I have absolutely no idea why this is happening. I've been carrying around a little bottle of grapeseed and olive oil to smear on my lips, and I'm using it at least twice an hour, but my lips aren't improving at all. I'm at a loss. What's going on here?

Blah. I continue to Google.
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of all the things stress does to me, I'd say the early morning insomnia is one of the most annoying.
ok, so the stomach upset and general GI tract badness is awful too.
I'm having some of both right now. I woke up at 3:30am, and couldn't go back to sleep because my stomach was bugging me.

I'm _so_ close to getting living details taken care of. once it's finalized, I can go back to sleeping and digesting normally.

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