Jan. 15th, 2011

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Ok, so I had a talk with Mom about the bath charge. It's not so psycho and weird as I thought. In her way she is trying to be fair with me about energy usage.

Our house is mainly heated by the woodstove these days. At this time, I don't get charged at all for that, since the house would be heated even if I weren't here.

Oil is used to heat water. Since we use a dishwasher, and we don't have an actual shower, hot water is basically used for BATHS.

Charging me per bath, in Mom's mind, is a way to have me pay fairly for my own energy consumption. If she handed me half the oil bill, it would be quite high. In this system, I can be conservative or liberal and contribute accordingly to the energy bill. (To be clear, I do not skip on hygiene just because I don't take a full bath or shower, I just wash-up Victorian-style and shampoo under the faucet. Works fine.)

The itemization of food via a food log is a good idea as well. Since I don't eat much, and my mother buys a lot of groceries, this keeps me from having to pay for food I don't eat. I just paid $72 for 2 weeks' worth of food which was healthy and of good quality.

I pay for half of the cable/internet/phone, even though I really only use the internet. But I still save $20 compared to what I used to get charged for internet service living alone. So that's alright.

The one thing that gives me pause is the $200 in rent that is tacked on after the utility charges. It's a charge for "sharing the house". That would be fine if I were actually treated with respect and dignity and if my roommate could behave like a decent human being with consistency. It would be fine if she could refrain from controlling every little thing. Perhaps, if I keep drawing my boundary lines and attending Al-Anon and get out of the damn house once in awhile, the politics will improve. Honestly, today is shaping up very well so far. If I take it one day at a time and don't look at this as a lifetime prison term, I can make the most of it.

After all, I DO enjoy sitting on the recliner couch in the morning, with coffee in one hand, snuggling the cat and chatting about some random thing...it's better than waking up to emptiness.

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