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The Matrix pipettor, once my best friend, is a bastard today. A lowly, bottom-feeding scoundrel, I tell you!! I tried and tried to get even amounts into the tips while applying my standard curves, but the goddamned thing kept allowing liquid to leak out of the seventh tip, and when I purged the tips and redrew, I got fucking bubbles! It took me forever to get the serum dilutions on the plate and my experiment will probably be fux0red.

I have plenty of time to work on this project, as the deadline isn't until the end of July and I wrote up all my experiments yesterday. But I don't like wasting time due to a stupid pipettor...next time, I'll just use the manual multichannel pipet.

It doesn't matter. I'm just venting. I still love my job.

The intern working downstairs has a "Staff" teeshirt. I think someone should make a teeshirt that says "Staph" in the same lettering, just to be amusing. My memory foam pad is airing out today in my bedroom. Once I switch over from box spring to platform, I will have the perfect bed. Maybe I'll take a few days off at that point just to sleep. :)

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