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2011-05-11 02:08 am
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I've been bouncing funds around a bit...not large amounts, but still.
I tried out two pairs of Birkenstocks that didn't work and got my refunds on both. (I kept my black slides, they were perfect.)
I went for some purple patterned Tevas that were marked 50% off, because there are a lot of things I can't do in the water without nylon-and-rubber sandals. Namely, boating, or swimming in areas with rough footing.
My summer footwear needs are now completely spoken for. I have my black casual sandals, my waterproof sport sandals and silver gladiator sandals. And I have tall combat boots. There's nothing in between that I really feel comfortable in. I hope someday I'll find a pair of mary janes or clogs that work for me. Until then, I'm happy to defy fashion rules and wear tie-dyed socks with my birkenstocks. Rah rah rah.