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Yesterday I got massively dehydrated while shopping for mattresses, and got really sick (splitting headache and nausea). Maybe it was just all the stuff I read about mattress scams and the shadiness of the whole industry. Woof! I'll have to remember to eat and drink today.

Mattress-search adventures started yesterday. Mom and I went to Sleepy's to look at plush and pillowtop models. The sales shark steered us away from Sealy, Serta and Simmons, and recommended Miralux beds. That raised my alarm antennae, and made me wonder, "why did she throw these particular beds at us instantly?" I insisted on trying out pretty much every mattress in the store under $2000, plus all the foam models, because I'm a memory foam addict.

impressions on coil models )

impressions on foam models )

Conclusion: I prefer the feeling of the firmer foam beds to any of the other beds I tried (coil beds included). I always thought I'd want a really soft bed. What I actually want is a firm bed that eliminates pressure points on my shoulders and hips.
I might end up with the Miralux model anyway, if mom's paying for it, because she is ANTI-FOAM. The entire Miralux mattress set, after delivery, will probably cost $1000, and I expect I'll need to purchase a memory foam topper, bringing it up to about $1250. Oh well. There will be more mattress-store adventures, I suspect.

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