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I have many many creative hobbies/activities/what-have-you. As a self-affirming exercise I'm going to make a list! This entry covers jewelry design, all parts, because I have so much to say about it.

Jewelrymaking is my obvious creative outlet, since I have a shop on Artfire and a Facebook fan page and a blogger blog that I am not yet accustomed to using. Specialties:

-Wire work of all kinds: wrapping, shaping, coiling, etc.
-Semi-precious gem strands
-Crystal and glass

I also do some of the following, but not as much:
-Polymer clay work; I'd like to do more of this, though I haven't motivated myself yet
-Bead-weaving (brick stitch, like those Navajo-style earrings)
-Macrame with fine, dyed hemp cord

I love everything about jewelry arts. The sparkle of the glass beads, the shine and malleable nature of wire. The depth and rich color and soothing energy of stones. I love searching for supplies online, finding the best deals, making offers at auctions. I love finding tutorials for new skills, and browsing other people's shops for inspiration, or just to oooh and ahh at the talent of other artisans. Seeing what other people can do inspires me to push harder, to develop my skills and find my artistic vision.

One of my favorite parts of being a jewelry designer is when a great idea just -hits- me. The other night, I realized I wanted to make flat, freeform polymer clay beads with marbled clay, to go with the hammered snake shapes I've made from 12-gauge copper. Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, so my elaborate bold neck art should make certain buyers quite happy. *squee*

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