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I'd be kind of excited. I would want to know immediately what my real life circumstances were. Am I healthy? Do I still have the same family? Am I still the same person?
I've learned a lot from my life experience, but I've got more cards stacked against me than I'd like. Being free of chronic pain and fatigue and immune deficiency issues would give me a COMPLETELY different life. Even with depression/anxiety, I really feel that, at this point in my life, I could be unstoppable at whatever I set my mind to.
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My first choice would not be a couple at all, but Buffy Summers mom, Joyce Summers. She is the perfect mom, and she manages this as a single parent.
Joyce is utterly kind, compassionate, stable. She has a perfect amount of parenting anxiety; she is not overly relaxed or permissive, but she is not overly strict. Her constancy makes Buffy feel safe. I believe Joyce was the reason Buffy didn't unravel under the weight of her own responsibilities as a Slayer.
Buffy also had a wonderful father figure in her watcher, Giles. While he and her mom were never a couple, their combined efforts made a fantastic set of parents. Actually, the fact that they weren't romantically involved made them a more stable unit. No cheating, no breaking up.

Yup. Joyce Summers for mom, Rupert Giles for dad. Absolutely.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Obviously this is a subject wherein you need to tread carefully. I find it useful to have a What-Not-To-Do guide. Endless complaints about how horrifying all of his/her ex or exes were: not a good sign, at all. Obviously, pining after an ex is not good either. A rational, reasonable discussion about past partners is fine with me and does not cause conflict. It is actually helpful to know a person's history in terms of where they are coming from, emotionally and behaviorally.
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The question was "Describe your ideal romantic partner using six words."

In no particular order:

1) Funny
2) Brilliant
3) Compassionate
4) Strong (i.e., determined, resilient, etc)
5) Sensual
6) Loyal

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