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We had a very productive lab meeting this morning. Our lab meetings are not formalized like they are in academia. We just sit around a conference table and talk about what we did last week and what's coming up next, and ask for advice on practical issues. Today I finally got a concrete plan together for validating the flow cytometry kit. I set up an Excel spreadsheet for the validation data, and I know exactly what I have to do for reproducibility and freeze-thaw experiments. I can't tell you what a load off my mind that is. One of my weaknesses as a biogeek is that I get anxious and lose momentum when I have no plan. The hard part is over, now I can just bang out data. W00t!
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0. Had a wonderful nap AND got to bed early last night, which means I'm very well-rested today for the first time in awhile. *relief*

1. I finally got the flow cytometry kit to WORK. YES!!! I'm getting high counts, and peaks on the histogram, and dotty goodness. Now I can feel competent again! WOOT!!

2. Hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] theartemisiaway, who I haven't seen in way to long. YAY!

3. Going to see Batman Begins either tomorrow or Thursday with [livejournal.com profile] rantmaster and [livejournal.com profile] eisa. Housemate bonding!

4. Getting a carload of cruft schlepped over to the basement of the new place. Yay for stuff I don't have to transport later on!

5. Who knows what other goodies this week has in store for me?
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I tried running some plain, unstained beads on the cytometer with the settings suggested to me yesterday. I got a distinct population of dots which I've gated, and now my acquisition template is ready for the real thing.
I really enjoy flow cytometry. there's something about the process that makes it worth staying awake for even when I'm sleep-deprived.

our intern wrote me a note before leaving today...it started with "Hey H-dawg" and ended with "HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!" I'll miss her. I'll have to give her my contact info for reference purposes.

it saddens me to note how many people I know who get taken advantage of by their employers. I'm very lucky to work for a company that doesn't mistreat its workers. I work for a small company with a president who's relaxed about life. that's probably the key.
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I had a better night's sleep last night, but I'm still having a lot of trouble staying awake.

To stay awake, I'm going to talk about work for a minute.

First off, my officemate gave me a ride to work today because it's kind of on her way. That was nice.
So far today I've accomplished a part of my rabbit serum screen for antibodies to another protein. I think I'll need to repeat this assay protocol with another two plates of rabbit serum, and then I'll be done searching. It's not likely that I'll find a rabbit with an immune response to my protein. We'll probably have to use a human antibody standard curve. After lunch I'll mess around with the flow cytometer some more, providing no one else is using it. Yesterday I had a chat with a technical support person over the phone, and she gave me what I hope are helpful tips, including machine settings. Yay.

And then, after I'm done with that, I'll have to decide if I'm going to stop at home before I go over to the Aquarium stop to meet my ferry at 6:30, or if I'll just head straight over, get something to munch there, and chill out in front of the manatee tank or whatever.

I'm looking forward to riding on the ferry. I'll probably spend the entire ride on the upper deck with the wind hitting my face. LOVE IT.

Meanwhile, I'm exhausted. Coffee is not cutting it. Here's hoping Mom lets me crash in the tent early tonight.
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A FlowPRA flow cytometry kit for HLA screening costs $750! I'm not exactly complaining, since this is the sort of thing that pays my salary, but my, that's ridiculous. I wonder how many tests this kit is good for.
Looks like I forgot to order positive/negative controls. That's yet more money. Jeez, $250 more and I can buy a new computer.
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Today I get to take part in two job interviews, from *gasp* the other side of the desk. Well, I just completed one, and the other one happens this afternoon.
That, and I'm working on a development report, complete with charts and graphs.

Is it unreasonable that I feel like somewhat of a bigwig? Nah. Whatever. I'll just go with it.
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Someone should do a study to see which is more effective at waking people up from grog: caffeinated beverages, or raspberry sour Altoids?

Personally, the raspberry sour Altoids have been more effective for me today. With no jittery side effects. If you eat two at once, it's so sour that your eyes bug out of your head. Don't know about you, but that certainly makes ME more alert...


Jul. 13th, 2005 09:06 am
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Mmm, memory foam. Very conducive to sleep. The only problem is that I keep fantasizing about going back to bed.
I need to start doing something organized about breakfast, as my tummy is rumbling, making it harder to concentrate.
I faced the intimidation factor with the woman who operates the cytometer most, and asked her when she could train me on basic operations. I did feel like a nervous twit while asking, but I sucked it up, and now I'm getting something done because I didn't continue to avoid that task. Woot.

I hope the weather continues to allow me to sleep with just fans and no AC; this is really nice.
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The bus schedule has changed so that I have zero choice in the afternoon: it WILL take me 40+ minutes to get home from work by bus. Wouldn't be the worst. Except for the 18 MINUTE LAYOVER, outdoors, with no shelter, in Medford Square.

I need to move somewhere that gives me the choice of two bus lines to get from Medford Sq back home. otherwise I'm going to be dealing with this aggravation for my entire time at this company, unless I get a car.
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The Matrix pipettor, once my best friend, is a bastard today. A lowly, bottom-feeding scoundrel, I tell you!! I tried and tried to get even amounts into the tips while applying my standard curves, but the goddamned thing kept allowing liquid to leak out of the seventh tip, and when I purged the tips and redrew, I got fucking bubbles! It took me forever to get the serum dilutions on the plate and my experiment will probably be fux0red.

I have plenty of time to work on this project, as the deadline isn't until the end of July and I wrote up all my experiments yesterday. But I don't like wasting time due to a stupid pipettor...next time, I'll just use the manual multichannel pipet.

It doesn't matter. I'm just venting. I still love my job.

The intern working downstairs has a "Staff" teeshirt. I think someone should make a teeshirt that says "Staph" in the same lettering, just to be amusing. My memory foam pad is airing out today in my bedroom. Once I switch over from box spring to platform, I will have the perfect bed. Maybe I'll take a few days off at that point just to sleep. :)

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