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The air smells oceanic, especially when it rains.

Cobblestone streetways.

Lots of quaint, beautiful brick buildings.

Friendly people walking the streets. (Friendliest place I've been to in Massachusetts in fact!)

Gulu Gulu cafe: great atmosphere, great coffee, super-friendly staff. Free wi-fi. Interesting menu. I could live there. I just need to figure out how to sneak a futon into the back room.

The shopping culture is a combination of historical Massachusetts, Halloween kitsch and pagan new-age. Very unique.

Everytime I leave the building, I feel a pull to go walking around the city. It just feels like home.
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I'd planned to go out and do exciting things today, but I'm sleep-deprived and taking a muscle relaxant. I probably shouldn't drive, since I can't even compose a decent email. So I'll have to save the excitement for tomorrow.
Nap. Now. Yah.
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I just took a pass around Salem on foot (I left about 2 minutes after I got the code for the front door). Nothing much is open, except for a coffeeshop here and there. Still, the energy of this city is so inspiring! I can't wait to go exploring tomorrow.

The weather feels balmy---it was 57F when I went out. Simply lovely. All the other times I've been to Salem, it's either been cold or rainy, but I was quite warm walking around in my blue fleece.

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