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Gosh, this primary is starting to remind me of the presidential election in 2000. Remember how Gore won the popular vote and Bush got the electoral? It's happening again, within the Dem party.

I always thought that a democratic election was based on how many individual votes each candidate received. Looks like I was wrong.

I think it's safe to say that the popular vote is now obsolete. Why even go to the polls anymore, when we have superdelegates to tell us how we really feel?
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I voted for Hillary Clinton in the MA primary. At the time, my reasons were her superior experience level and her plans for universal healthcare. Normally, I'm willing to vote for whomever is on the Democratic ticket in November, but now I'm not sure.

Problems I have with Obama:

Obama wants to prevent the Michigan and Florida primary election votes from being counted (and their delegates from being seated). But every vote should be counted, shouldn't it? Two whole states' worth of people will be disenfranchised if he's allowed to have his way. If there are issues about when the primary was held or who was on the ticket at the time, then the primaries should be held AGAIN. As far as I'm concerned, Obama's standing in the way of democracy. And he's done it before. He has a history of winning elections unfairly, by "clearing the field". This dude from Florida pretty much sums up how I feel about B.O. and the Democratic Party right now:

Obama's already declared himself the winner of the Democratic candidacy as of May 20th. Umm...how about waiting until all the votes are tallied? Are we now taking a page from the Bush playbook? That's not "hope" and "change" to me. That's the same old shit.

I know campaigns often get nasty but the current Hillary hatred is a bit much, isn't it? A lot of Clinton supporters are so disgusted with the Obama camp's behavior that they're willing to boycott him in November. While Obama's core message is supposed include something about unity, his campaign has certainly managed to alienate a huge chunk of Democratic voters.

In my personal opinion, I just don't think Obama's qualified to be president. Maybe he will be at some point, but not now. One of my first impressions of Obama came about during a debate between Democratic candidates. When Hillary questioned him about his voting record, he got mad and flustered, and really had nothing to say in his own defense. How is he going to hold up when McCain gets his hands on him? He'll fold like a bubblegum wrapper. I'll take battle-tested over shiny-and-new any day, at least when it comes to my presidential candidate. Perhaps I don't agree with all of the votes Hillary Clinton has made over the years. At least she had the balls to actually vote. When I look at Obama's senate voting record, I see an ALARMING number of "present" votes. (This means he didn't vote Yes or No, he just sat there in his seat with no opinion.)

I'm not so much for "hope and change" as I am for someone who has a chance at cleaning up some of Bush's mess. My candidate is Hillary Clinton. I don't know if I can hold my nose and vote for Obama if he's declared the nominee. I feel very disgusted and betrayed by the Democratic party.
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What if you were penniless and destitute? Could you survive?

I swiped this link from [livejournal.com profile] queenofhalves who got it from [livejournal.com profile] sophiaserpentia's journal. It hit me pretty hard. Definitely a good read, especially for anyone who thinks poor people deserve whatever they get. (BTW, if you think that, kindly stay the fuck away from me, thanks.)

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