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What's that, body? You're hungry, eh? And you want...fish and chips? Oh and...your legs hurt too? And you're all creaky? Hm. Bugger that. Should I take care of the hurties first, or the hungries? What's that? Can't hear ya...signal's a bit fuzzy...

I could make you some rice pasta marinara, would that do it for you, body? Oh what's this, you want me to put on the water heater for an epsom bath and whip you up a banana smoothie? Geez, you should've just said so!
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I just ordered liquid magnesium chloride from Vitacost, 16 oz worth.
I also have a huge tub of DMSO gel.
I also have a lot of emulsifying wax, which is an important ingredient in body creams and lotions.

What does it all mean?

I might be able to make my own magnesium cream for pain! Just need to use the MgCl liquid as the aqueous portion of the cream. Since magnesium cream is 20 bucks for 4 ounces.

Ooo I bet if I crushed up some ibuprofen real good, I could make my own cream with that too!!

I'm really sick of these ointments and rubs that don't actually help my pain. Something with an efficacious active ingredient would be soooo much better.

Uh oh, the lab monkey is loose. Watch out kids.
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I'm deeply unsatisfied with my health care in the Berkshires, so I am looking east for better care.

My current rheumatologist doesn't like to treat my fibromyalgia, using the excuse "fibro is a neurological problem", as if it's not his responsibility.
My current physiatrist haphazardly pokes superficial muscles with a cortisone needle, like he's poking holes in the top of a jar. Since my chronic issues are with deep muscles, the treatments are basically pointless.

I am looking into pain management options in eastern MA.
I'm interested in finding:
-general pain management
-a rheumatologist, probably, to help me deal with fibromyalgia and who understands rheumatoid arthritis too
-a physiatrist who does real trigger point injections
-a holistic nutritionist (I'm interested in creating an organized supplement plan for treating my conditions)

If any of you have information on specialists or pain clinics in the Boston or North Shore area, I would greatly appreciate their contact info!!

Comments are screened. Thanks so much. :)

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