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1. Started off with a great therapy session. I talked about not having goals and dreams. We discussed why I've been lacking in such. I managed to identify one goal/dream: becoming a master crafter.

2. Went to the local beading store and got materials to restore my grandmother's necklace, a crystal beaded thing that belonged to her mother. This inspired me to learn more about beading and jewelry-making...

3. So I went to the library and took out a few books on beading, knitting and fabric dyeing.

4. When I got home, my new knitting needle set was waiting for me. It's nifty. There was also an Eddie Bauer package with my name on it---Jule had sent me a really nice red stretch velvet track suit. It fits perfectly.

5. I finished restoring Grandma's necklace, and she was very pleased with the results. I got paid, even.

6. I finally got an email from my dad! Yay! I still need to write back. I've actually been really busy.

7. I found out that the velvet anorak from J. Jill was marked down about $100. So I withdrew some money from my paypal account, rounded up 70 bucks worth of Lands End stuff for refunding, and ordered the thing. 'Cause every artist chick needs a black velvet jacket!

Tuesday (today)

1. As soon as I woke up, started on making holiday cards (and two laundry loads). I used bristol board as my card stock, and did mini-paintings with metallic acrylic paints on contrasting high-grade construction paper. They're festive, but not exclusively Holiday-themed.

2. Grandma stopped by and paid me a pretty righteous sum for restoring the necklace. Yay, cash!

3. I decided to check out a yarn store in Torrington, CT about 30 miles away from where I live. The drive was quite nice, about the same distance as Pittsfield but with less traffic and fewer lights. I stopped at the Kmart first, and found some 10K gold hoop earrings for 15 bucks (originally 85). Nice stocking stuffer for mom. She really wanted some gold earrings.

4. The yarn store I checked out was Hither And Yarn. It's a small shop, but the prices are good and the service is friendly. They had sport-weight alpaca yarn on sale, so I bought some deep teal heather skeins for a lacy shawl. I'm still debating which shawl pattern to use, but leaning towards flower-petal or feather-and-fan.

5. Once I got home, I organized and inventoried all my knitting and crochet equipment. Man, I've got a lot of needles.

6. Leftover lamb steak and beet salad for dinner. Yummyyy.

So yeah, I've been a busy girl. It feels nice. Tired now. Fall down go boom.
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Finished up some cabled wristwarmers tonight, and I am filled with joy, because....
They weren't hard to make.
They look and feel great, even with cheapo Red Heart Super Saver yarn.
The black eyelash "fur" at the top is full of awesome. SQUEE.

And I finally ordered that needle set, which should arrive here next week. At which point I can dive even deeper into my knitting obsession. In a more ergonomically-friendly sort of way.
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I haven't been keeping up with LJ, because I've been knitting a lot.

My shawl turned out gorgeous: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29482514@N07/3086756739/

I learned:
-about ravelry.com (I'll never want for patterns again!)
-bar increases (knit 1 front and back)
-feather and fan lace technique
-dyeing wool with tea

and most importantly, I stopped being deathly afraid of patterns, and now I can READ them!!

Still on my to-learn list:

-OMG sweaters! (probably next year)

Debating whether to get the interchangeable circular needle set from Knitpicks. And whether to get the wood or the nickel-plated variety. I love that you can get cable lengths up to 60 inches. I could knit an enormous blanket, shawl or sweater with a cable that long!
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The shawl I've been making out of my excess bulky yarn is finally done! I stayed up til 4am binding it off. It's real purty. Will take pictures later today.
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If I'm going to expand my knitting/crocheting skills, I will need to buy thinner implements and thinner yarns.
My bin is overflowing with chunky bulky yarns, and my needles are all size 10 and up. These supplies are good for hats and scarves; that's about it.

Future projects I want to complete:
2 at a time socks and legwarmers
fancy lacework shawls
cable-knit stuff
colorwork stuff (eventually)

Knitpicks has a nice set of feather-and-fan lacework patterns for free download, and I think I want to try making the Andean Treasure Shawl. I've been practicing the lace pattern, so I'm fairly confident about it.

One project at a time, I think that's my new rule. Gotta plan these things carefully.

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