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I have many many creative hobbies/activities/what-have-you. As a self-affirming exercise I'm going to make a list! This entry covers jewelry design, all parts, because I have so much to say about it.

Jewelrymaking is my obvious creative outlet, since I have a shop on Artfire and a Facebook fan page and a blogger blog that I am not yet accustomed to using. Specialties:

-Wire work of all kinds: wrapping, shaping, coiling, etc.
-Semi-precious gem strands
-Crystal and glass

I also do some of the following, but not as much:
-Polymer clay work; I'd like to do more of this, though I haven't motivated myself yet
-Bead-weaving (brick stitch, like those Navajo-style earrings)
-Macrame with fine, dyed hemp cord

I love everything about jewelry arts. The sparkle of the glass beads, the shine and malleable nature of wire. The depth and rich color and soothing energy of stones. I love searching for supplies online, finding the best deals, making offers at auctions. I love finding tutorials for new skills, and browsing other people's shops for inspiration, or just to oooh and ahh at the talent of other artisans. Seeing what other people can do inspires me to push harder, to develop my skills and find my artistic vision.

One of my favorite parts of being a jewelry designer is when a great idea just -hits- me. The other night, I realized I wanted to make flat, freeform polymer clay beads with marbled clay, to go with the hammered snake shapes I've made from 12-gauge copper. Statement necklaces are all the rage right now, so my elaborate bold neck art should make certain buyers quite happy. *squee*
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photos of some jewelry items I've been working on lately:


mostly beadwork earrings, but also a stylin' copper wire bead-linked necklace. I haven't left the house much lately, but I've been productive!!
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So I've photographed and uploaded images to flickr for three more necklaces. Tomorrow I'll need to pick the best photo of each piece and write out descriptions on the website. The descriptions are kind of fun; stylistic references plus gemstone properties. (I need to start keeping a crystal reference on hand for the gemstone pieces; the meanings are usually multiple and complex!)

Tonight I worked on simple and wrapped wire bead links for a few hours. I have some very large rose quartz beads that I never know what to do with. Rose quartz is one of my favorite stones, but a)it's a bitch to photograph, and b)it's often an insipid light-pink shade that doesn't really catch the eye. A great way to deal with this is to combine the stone with copper wire, which is bright and pinkish and pretty cheap. I'm trying to get as much practice with copper as possible before I start working with silver and gold-filled wire.

I'm thinking that if I focus on semiprecious gems in my designs instead of funky glass or metal work, I'll appeal heavily to the tree-hugging demographic. And I'm in that demographic myself, so it's appropriate, no?
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My handmade jewelry has its own set on my flickr page now. There are lots of sunlit photos and natural-light photos that look pretty nice. I'm adding new stuff almost daily---check it out, comments are appreciated!
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My jewelry supply order (the first part) just shipped yesterday, from Oregon. Estimated delivery date? January 13th. Dammit. That's like a week away! They are so slow. I'm going to have to step back from jewelry thing until the order comes in. Or maybe I can Google around and get some tips on jewelry marketing.

I found Argentium silver wire on my favorite supply website, and it's actually cheaper than regular sterling, but there'll always be that 1-2 week wait for supplies. Oh well.

I made a macrame & bead necklace out of black hemp twine today. It's very comfortable and funky (like me). Pictures are on flickr. Black hemp cord will be on my next order, I think.

I installed my digital camera software on the PC desktop this afternoon, and found out that it works 20 times better on the PC than it does on my Mac. Holy crap. When I replace my laptop, I think I'll be getting a PC (with intensive virus protection).
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The registrar from the local art school called me today. They're giving me full tuition for a precious metals jewelrymaking class! I'll be doing a bit of volunteer office work in exchange for the $330 class. This is just full of awesome.

Jewelry Making and Lost Wax Casting

This class is an introduction to jewelry making with precious metals. Starting with fabrication techniques, students learn how to cut metals with the jewelry saw. Shaping, forming, hammering, bending, soldering, polishing, and basic stone setting will be taught in this nine-week session. In addition, students will learn the art of lost wax casting. The Lost Wax process is done by carving a mold from wax and then it is caste in sterling silver. Come with ideas and ready to make wearable art!
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I can has hypoallergenic silver findings! whee!

busy busy

Jan. 5th, 2009 11:55 am
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Hung out with AJ/[livejournal.com profile] tranarchoi yesterday, which was awesome, because I hadn't seen him in five years. I picked up a big jewelrymaking sourcebook at Barnes and Noble with my gift card, and proceeded to babble to AJ about arts and crafts shit, which was probably boring for him, but he was a great sport about it.

My next task in jewelrymaking will be to figure out some nickel-free hypoallergenic designs for [livejournal.com profile] eisa. I'm having fun researching availability of stainless steel and niobium findings. Since I'm looking to get into wirework, I could make my own clasps and findings from a length of niobium wire. And it comes in COLORS...I'm especially drawn to the aqua and purple niobium wires. Good times.

Today I need to call the physical therapy office for an intake. At some point this week I need to hunt down a gym membership so I can get back in the pool. I need to wind up my kool-aid dyed merino and start on that prayer shawl. I need to finish my alpaca wrap. I need to return library books and DVDs. I need to eat food.
That's a lot to do for a person who's really wiped out today. Maybe I'll just narrow my tasks down to what MUST be done today, and then go take a nap.

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