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I dyed my hair a fiery red.
First I gave myself chunky highlights at home, which would have looked nice, if they hadn't had a yellowy "caramel" cast. Yellow looks awful on me. If my hair is blonde, it has to be ashy.
So, I went over my highlighted head with "intense light auburn", and got beautiful Jello-red thick chunks, and the rest of it turned out the way the box suggested. I am happy with it. I really love having BRIGHT red hair, and this isn't fading as fast as the semi-permanent Special FX dye I usually use.
I've tried taking photos, but the camera doesn't capture the candy-apple red; it just looks like an early Tori Amos dye job, which isn't quite accurate. Sigh.

In other super-exciting beauty news, I rediscovered Fyrinnae eyeshadows (www.fyrinnae.com). This is a small indie company that makes exceptional loose shadows. Many of them are dye-free. The colors are unusual and multi-dimensional; for instance, "Digital Faerie" has a deep sky blue base with green shimmer, so it appears as a complex teal. "Meerkat" is a pink-purple with gold shimmer and sparkles. My eyes are one of my best features, so I'm looking forward to some serious eye glam to make them pop.

I've had a light golden-green shimmer polish on my fingers for 3 days called "Cha Cha Cha" by China Glaze. It hasn't chipped or dented at all, which is remarkable. And I'm enjoying the color too much to take it off, which is also remarkable. See, I have so many polishes in my collection at this point that I'm driven to change the color almost daily. What is it about this weird springy green that I like so much?? It's such an optimistic shade; it reminds me of new leaves. It contrasts well with my dark purple clothing and coordinates nicely with my green clothing. It looks nice with my fiery hair. It works with my skintone even though it seems like it shouldn't.

Ah well. As obsessions go, nail polish and eyeshadow are pretty harmless...although, I would like to shift back into art and/or jewelry making.
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I'm on a massage-bar kick. I'm talking homemade bars, not the uber-expensive Lush varieties. (Much as I like them, they're really expensive, and I don't always want all that fragrance in my skincare.)

I made myself a really decadent 100% cocoa butter bar yesterday, and it is heavenly. It makes the skin velvety and smells like orange Milano cookies (I added a bit of orange oil). You smear some on, wrap up in a robe, and let the butter sink in.

Of course, even the cheapest cocoa butter is about a dollar an ounce. It would be slightly more cost-effective to make the butter-oil-beeswax type of bars instead, and they'd probably last longer. But pure cocoa butter is majorly addictive. If I can find some interestingly-shaped molds, cocoa butter bars would make excellent holiday gifts, at least for the ladies.
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I did place an order for beeswax and a few other items from my skincare vendor website thingy. Mostly I just wanted the beeswax. My lips are really aggravating me; they're parched and feel tight and sting-y. And I have absolutely no idea why this is happening. I've been carrying around a little bottle of grapeseed and olive oil to smear on my lips, and I'm using it at least twice an hour, but my lips aren't improving at all. I'm at a loss. What's going on here?

Blah. I continue to Google.


Sep. 24th, 2006 06:52 pm
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Whoohoo! I did it! I followed an online recipe, and made a lotion-like substance that is actually, like, lotion-y. hooray!!!

I used plain tap water and safflower oil in the mix, so it's not a luxury cream or anything. I did substitute some of the emulsifying wax with stearic acid, and the lotion formed nice little peaks, just like Karma Cream. I threw in some sweet orange essential oil, which I have a large and fairly inexpensive bottle of on hand. So now I have a pretty decent orange-smelling cream.


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