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My Lenovo ThinkPad's name is Petra. Petra Arkanian, for the sharpshooter androgynous important female Battle Schooler in Ender's Game. She was Armenian, and a total badass, and she helped Ender out of a lot of scrapes. Plus she's got tons of armor: Avast is great, plus apparently there's this thing called Windows Defender, and Lenovo has built-in protection of some sort. I feel really secure with this new machine, and it runs great, too.

My iBook G4's name is Cassie. I named her after a Skins character, this eccentric girl with an eating disorder who eats a lot of apples, travels a lot, and is a survivor. Despite a suicide attempt and anorexia, she still manages to graduate from college and fly to NYC! Bravo, Cassie! I originally bought this computer in early 2006, so yes, she's been around awhile. I had a Mac repairman resuscitate her early this year---she'd been in the backseat of my car for two years. The repair cost me a whopping 100 bucks, and they gave me a brand new keyboard and everything.

I think the Gateway desktop PC's name is Spliff. It's kinda dumb and doesn't appear to have much memory, much like a chronic pothead. Still going to try to make Spliff run some version of Ubuntu.

My old ruined Dell is named Gollum. I was going to name it Satine, because it was dying of consumption, but now it's pretty much functionally dead. So now I think of it as a monstrosity and a killer. A killer of my wallet. (Fuck you, Dell!)

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