May. 17th, 2011

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Oh wow, I totally failed to find Market Basket. All of a sudden I'm in Stoneham, thinking Hmm, I think I missed the store I was trying to find...I also thought Oh, eastern MA! Nice to see you again! I'm no longer the most aggressive rude driver on the road!
So I turned around. I had directions to Trader Joe's in Burlington, and thought, Why not? But then the traffic on the other side of I-95 freaked me out, so I got off the highway and took 38-North. I found this adventure pretty amusing, until a red car tried to kill me...I pulled off the road to grab a coffee and take a break at a McDonald's, and a lady carrying a child (in her arms, not her uterus) ran me right into the fruit-yogurt-parfait sign. "Sorry, sorry!" Don't go to McDonald's to relax, it doesn't work.
A gigantic brain fart must have persuaded me it was a good idea to leave the house for errands at 4:30, just about in time for rush hour. Brilliant!
At least I managed to find Stop & Shop. I'd have to be totally blind to miss that. I'll be fine with my bananas, eggs, soymilk and protein-enriched cereal until I someone helps me get a clue.

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