Apr. 8th, 2011

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"I like big butts, and I cannot lie. But is there an evolutionary reason why?"

That is all.
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Hey Boston folks,

It looks like I'm gonna be spending my summer vacation in North Reading. :D A magnanimous friend has offered to rent a room to me by a lovely pond!

The obstacle? I either need to move my bed across MA, or I need to find a bed to put in the room for a few months. I think probably May--->end of August.

Transporting a futon locally in Boston area=easy.
Transporting my plush queen mattress and assorted crap across the state=could be a big pain!

So you see, it would be easier for me, logistically, to get a futon mattress in the Boston area that I can use during that time period with my own memory foam pads. If there's a frame too, that's even better!

If you have an extra futon you're not using right now, or know someone who does, or feel up to signal-boosting, I'd be super-appreciative!

Point of interest, I make jewelry/ornaments out of gems, crystals, wire and sometimes other stuff. While I don't have a lot of cash, I can barter a custom-made piece or pieces in exchange for assistance in this matter. Here's a link to my website with some of my work: http://ceruleansky.artfire.com


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