Mar. 9th, 2011

cellomusette: (rainbow brite)
It was only for 10 minutes, sitting upright on my bed, with Christmas lights on and silence in the background.

I alternated between thinking "breathing in"/"breathing out" on the in/out breath and "I am"/"at peace". I cleared my mind effectively. As I sat there, I got the image of being on the edge of a dark, oily, menacing forest full of snakes. At first I was afraid and felt anxiety about the dark place and wanted to will it away. But I concentrated on my breath and went into it calmly, accepting that it was dark and scary-seeming. I spent several minutes mentally walking around in the dark scary snakey oily forest, feeling calm and comfortable. Somehow this seems like the key to something very important.

I was so inspired afterwards that I pulled on my boots and went out for a walk immediately. It was a short walk; I'm terribly out of shape right now. If I can make a daily habit of this, though, the walks can get longer, and I can get into better shape mentally and physically.

Just in time for spring, too.

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