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I'm not giving up on Ubuntu for that Gateway desktop yet. I'm trying a reinstall. Probably it will have the same results. Oh well. I'll try running it with the CD in the tray for now and see how long it goes until the pixels disintegrate.

To clarify: As of Friday there will be 4 computers in this house.

1. My iBook G4, which is my main computer RIGHT NOW. It runs, but it's slow. It doesn't do Flash. I can't watch Netflix or Hulu on it. I can't chat on Skype. I haven't bothered downloading OpenOffice, it'll just slow down even more. It's not very compatible. That damned Motorolla processor.
HOWEVER! It doesn't get viruses! It's got a shiny new case, a perfect-condition powercord, and it's very reliable. Getting photos from my camera is incredibly easy with iPhoto. It's 13" and white. It's the Cute Lil White Box.

2. Mom's Gateway desktop PC, which used to be my uncle's (he passed away). It had Windows XP and now it doesn't. Things are disorganized down here and I don't have a recovery disc. I really just want the Linux installation to work.

3. My black Dell laptop. I call it Satine. Which is disrespectful to Satine, and to Nicole Kidman, I know. It is so close to death, it might as well be Satine during her final moments in Moulin Rouge. I'm not sure it can even power up. The power cord is completely coming apart. Hey, maybe I'll try my Ubuntu disc on that thing. Then I can see if it's a hardware or a software issue causing the consumption. Honestly it's probably both. That Dell is a piece of SHIT. The motherboard needed replacing A FEW MONTHS after I bought it. Gross.

4. And finally, the Lenovo Thinkpad that's supposedly arriving by UPS tomorrow. Don't have a name for that yet! Whee.
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